Designing & Building

High-quality dies and tools for stamping applications.

About Us .

Bilsing Werkzeugbau designs and builds complex, high-quality dies and tools for stamping applications including heat and acoustic shields for cars.

Our Start

The company was formed in 2016 after Bilsing Automation GmbH, a 40-year-old company with experience in supplying modular tooling for gripping and transporting to the automotive stamping and bodyshop, purchased an Iserlohn, Germany tooling shop with a 12-year history, mostly serving customers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

New Facility

In 2018, Bilsing Werkzeugbau moved to a new Iserlohn facility, providing the company 1000m2 additional production space and 250m2 office space. Since then, the company has grow by 20% from 2019. There were 16 employees in 2020.

Our Heritage

With its heritage, Bilsing Werkzeugbau is experienced, innovative and a quality-oriented partner for companies needing blanking, progressive, step and transfer tools for a variety of automotive applications. We have successfully developed complex press tools with up to 8 stages inclusive of heat shielding application.  

Die Types

Progressive stamping dies and transfer stamping dies capable of performing the following on blanking dies and heat shields:







  • Exhaust / muffler pipes
  • Turbochargers
  • Converters
  • Manifolds
  • Heat shields
  • Automotive body parts
  • Diaphragm plates
  • Booster shells
  • and more...

Material Applications

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass fiber
  • and more...

Services .

Design & Engineering

Bilsing Werkzeugbau’s technical staff has collectively designed and built hundreds of tools for a variety of stamping applications, applying our own exacting standards to ensure a quality tool every time. We use the latest design software and provide full 3D solid designs, 2D drawings for die details and simulations of the forming process.  Our software includes:

    VISI Advanced Modeling
    VISI Blank
    VISI Progress
  • CAM VISI 2D Machining
    VISI 3D Machining
  • Measurement Hexagon PowerINSPECT

Manufacture & Build

Our dies are made of high-grade tool steel as well as hardened formers, punches and draw rings.  Tool production is accomplished exclusively according to CAD constructions and using the latest machining equipment capable of achieving excellent precision and surface quality. By working closely with our engineering team during the design phase, we aim to manufacture economically efficient tools that ensure a competitive advantage for our customers in the marketplace.

On request, we can manufacture prototype tools and individual parts in advance.

Assembly & Test

At Bilsing Werkzeugbau, our assembly team can handle end-to-end assemblies of the highest complexity, ensuring our tooling produces components of the highest quality. All of our final dies are subject to stringent testing including tryout on our facility test press, ensuring the tooling meets your specifications as well as any required industry standards.



  • Milling Machines 2 x HURCO VMX42T – Table 1270 x 610
    1 x HURCO VMX50T – Table 1500 x 660
    1 x HURCO VMX64T – Table 1680 x 890
  • Die Shop Radial Drilling Machine, Grinding Machine, Lathe, Tin Snips
  • Tryout Press EXNER 200 t - Table 2200 x 1800
  • Measurement Equipment Hexagon Romer Absolut Arm

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